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Elizabeth Tomboulian 201 679-5049. 

June 7-17 Arkansas. Call for details.

Sacred Sound—Find Yours! Little Rock

June 12 Grace Presbyterian Church 7p

Are you feeling stuck? Tired of pain and ineffective medication?

Digestion moving slowly? Fearful?

Sleepless? Recovering elusive?

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Energetic Therapy*

  • Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger}
  • Sound energy healing
  • Applied kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Ileo-cecal valve programming 
  • Structural repatterning post trauma, sports or auto injuries

On a mission to bring Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy to the NYC area, her goal is research in a medical teaching institution to develop evidence of the efficacy of this powerful

work in tandem with medicine. More

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Quantum Energetics Therapy

Edgar Cayce Center, A.R.E. 241 W 30th St, New YorkNY 10001

201 679-5049


Office Hours by appointment 48-hr cancellation policy

Elizabeth practices in:

Arizona, Arkansas, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, and Hamamatsu, Japan.

Quantum Energetics Therapy-- I don't know what you did, but my toe that was black before was completely healed and pink the next day.  

-J.G. Bassist

Call:  201 679-5049

at Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E. 241 W 30th St. 2nd floor, NYC

Quantum Energetics Therapy

Quantum Energetics
Structured Therapy*

The most systematic method of energy healing available, QEST uses kinesiology
to locate conditions that cause pain and
disease in the physical.  Working with what is like a spiderman suit of energy, causes (disruptions) are found, addressed, and programmed to catalyze healing from 
dislocations, digestive issues, 
anxiety, grief, injuries, and myriad other conditions that cause pain, 
illness and distress. This results in clearing the energy body to the template of wellness. 

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Call 201 679-5049 or email QETherapy@gmail.com to schedule appointments at Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E.  Travel in Arkansas June 7-17.

Sacred Sound—Find Yours! classes in NYC in July, Workshop in  LR June 11.

Elizabeth Tomboulian